Atop Templo Mayor dancing for rain

Atop Templo Mayor

The spirit of dance music stalks us, always.  Like a particularly fond addiction, it waits eternally for us to succumb  to its charms.  And so it was with Boan’s debut LP.  Arriving at the beginning of the month on Holodeck, it’s haunted our digital music aether ever since.

So much so that we found ourselves — the 20JFG gestalt — at the newly renovated Audio Patterns to see the incomparable Optimo on a Saturday night.  There was dancing.  We tell you this as a confession.  The invisible red thread wound its way from mp3 to club floor and we were lost again, to the acid (not the acid).

And what brought this whole thing on?  Boan’s epic, seductive offering atop a cyclopean temple to the gods of acid:


Not content with the acid, Boan Acid weaves in Freestyle and those amazing digital steel drums that The Knife had so much fun with.  But the synths here have dominion.  So much so that they’ll cut off vocals, summon kick drums, hypnotise bloggers into dancing for three and half hours straight.  Their  power knows no mortal’s law.

Boan Acid is taken from Boan’s Acid via Cold Wave opus Mentiras.  Which you can get from Holodeck Records right here.



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