We have had the privilege of featuring several Dramatic Records artists in the past, including cultural anthropologist Gabo Gulbenkian, Vienesse alt-schlager star Rasmus Folk or derailed business consultant Hans Tanza.

Each of them brings, in addition to wonderful sounds, the baggage of a legendary biography spent slumming in the liminal interstices between the European art, media and knowledge-intensive business services industries. These are areas where the forces of the market are twisted, bent and dissolved like storytelling conventions in a nouvelle vague film. The sounds of these unique individuals are inseparable from their bizarre lives, and that’s what makes them so special.

Today we are bringing you Raymond Sky. We have decided to try to infer the biography and therefore personal source of his (or hers? Or it? We don’t know!) sounds from the sounds themselves, and his (we assume fictitious) nom de plume.

Here you have three speculations:

  • Raymond Sky is a Hungarian PhD student in an interdisciplinary electro-acoustics PhD programme at UCLA, writing a dissertation on generative music based on the emergent behaviours of simple digital creatures. He funds his growing need for processing power and storage space by DJing at cocaine parties in the evenings.
  • Raymond Sky is a Walter Mitty-like character with a background in Operations Research whose job is to optimise the itineraries of a jovial army of travelling salesmen questing through the American Midwest with an arsenal of kitchen utensils they peddle to digiphobe seniors. His hobby is to make music that adds gradients and anti-aliased curves to the linear beauty of his optimisation algorithms.
  • Raymond Sky is a kaleidoscopic void precisely designed to inspire in those who gaze at it the desire to invent strange existences for its creator, adding new facets to the music which then add new facets to the imaginary personas thus devised, generating a strange self-reinforcing loop that expands to fill our brain’s computing space with a marvellous army of fantasies conjugating the precision of the engineer with the intuition of the artist.

So what is the truth about Raymond Sky? Were we close? Is it something else?

Listen to the impossible boogie lushness of the perfectly named “In the Lap of Luxury”, and see what you think.

Raymond Sky – In the Lap of Luxury

Having done this, you can go and acquire the rest of the record in Bandcamp.


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