Premiere: Machine Girl – “Missy Punk”


Dred Collective member Machine Girl is shotgunning Vodka Red Bulls again, this time in the alleyway with Orange Milk Records, PUMPED about her latest release, Gemini. Like, she’s tagging the SHIT out of brick, cans, strangers, each other. Everything in the alleyway is dripping with liquid chrome before the night is even three songs deep. “Lilith” is spilling out of the club, along with a bunch of people getting overly excited by a man with a megaphone loudly reading listicles of the greatest on-screen kung-fu fights ever. Then “Out By 16 (ACIDPUNKMIX)” rolls in, and the whole scene turns into a shot-by-shot reenactment of Step Up 2: The Streets at 4x speed. The police arrive, but get caught up in the moment and are now filling in so the protagonist’s posse can get a water break. By the song’s end, there is a moment of silence until Orange Milk Records takes the megaphone from the dude reading kung-fu listicles and announces, finally, that the third single from Gemini is “Missy Punk,” which we have the pleasure of premiering below. The crowd goes wild.

Gemini is available on digital and limited-to-100 cassette via Orange Milk NEXT WEEK!!!

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