The Island of Dr. Riley

The Island of Dr. Riley

Like so much melancholy 70s sci-fi, we find ourselves exiled on an island paradise where all is not as it seems.  Glistening white towers rise out of forests and silent 4x4s glide over dirt paths to and from glistening beaches.  Beaches bookended by yet more white towers, their expansive verandas gazing out over the sea.

People move about in loose fitting jumpsuits all looking blissful.  Clasping in their hands A Rainbow in Curved Air and the 5LP box set of The Well Tuned Piano (the bastards*).  No wonder they’re blissful.  For this is the land of the minimalists, cut off from civilisation in the 60s and kept in glorious seclusion for some sort of opaque corporate/government experiment.

And then it goes awry.  And there’s a love story and rebellion and dark truths uncovered.  But in the middle of this there’s a nightclub scene.  Oh and the nightclub has no walls because: islandparadise.

ENTER – Marie Davidson.

At 3AM as the patrons are indulging in some pretty existential moments of self reflection — through the medium of glacial slow dance — Marie emerges from blinding patterns of white light (screen-grab above).  Standing for a moment to absorb the decades of displacement her fellow islanders are feeling, she sings.  And we all turn to watch because her voice is soothing; lost, as it is, amidst a web of arpeggiating synths.

Marie Davidson – Insomnie

Then some stuff blows up, there’s a chase and the heroes leave the island by boat.  We swear that Delia and Gavin were glimpsed in some sort of control tower but then, we feel that about most things.

Insomnie is taken from Marie Davidson’s LP Un Autre Voyage, which is available on Holodeck Records right here (scroll down a bit).

* especially as this didn’t come out till 1987


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